There’s no place like home. It’s where you relax and spend time with the people you care about. It’s one of your biggest investments, and it’s where you find comfort. But what if your home and quality of life could be enhanced?

Millions of Californians are enjoying life more with the confidence of knowing a professional Community Manager is at work looking after their well-being, quality of life and property values. Because these “Community Champions” take care of the business side of living in a community with a homeowners association (HOA), residents can relax more and live life better.

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Spending time enjoying your home is a wonderful thing. So is living with peace of mind. But knowing the investment in your home will be preserved, your community is well maintained and the amenities that provide your quality of life are always there for you is priceless. Your professional Community Manager works day in and day out to ensure peace of mind for your entire neighborhood.

My job as a Community Manager is to be the Champion
for the residents and their way of life
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Community Managers are often the unseen Champions of daily life in your HOA community. They guide your community through a maze of complex laws, compliance issues and ethical management. With passion, dedication and hard work, they have one purpose in mind: to provide you with the best place to call home.


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Managing any HOA community is a complex job. Community Managers—certified by the California Association of Community Managers (CACM)—are professionally trained to guide your HOA board through numerous legal, budgeting, contract administration, project management, program development, maintenance issues and more. They are the Champions who assist the volunteer board members in making the best business decisions possible, contributing to sustainable communities. Ultimately, they ensure your quality of life, protect your investment and enhance your peace of mind.

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It's such a relief to have an experienced, professional
Community Manager to educate, advise and guide us.


Even the most experienced HOA board can reap the benefits of expert guidance and knowledge provided by a dedicated manager who achieves certification based on California-specific law and who adheres to a professional code of ethics and best practices for the association management industry. This trained professional works side by side with HOA board members, local public agencies and community residents to safeguard everyone’s interests. Your association performs best when active volunteer board members and a top-notch professional Community Manager work together to establish and maintain community standards that protect property values.


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Professional Management
As a professional Community Manager, it’s important to remember that you are a Champion for the people you serve. Residents look to you for solutions and rely on you to take care of their most valuable possessions: their home and their community. They expect you to be knowledgeable and demonstrate professionalism and ethical values. As always, CACM is behind you 100 percent encouraging you to excel in the community management industry by providing California-specific certification, advanced credentials, continuing education and networking opportunities – all to help you achieve excellence throughout your career.

Career and Education for Community Managers:


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Volunteer Leadership
As a volunteer member of an HOA board, it is your responsibility to understand the basic ground rules of governance, true community service and civic duty. After all, you are an elected representative of your community, with a duty to serve your fellow homeowners who have entrusted you to safeguard the value of one of their most important assets. They expect you to stand up for their values when faced with tough decisions and work closely with your Community Champion for the good of the entire community.

Helpful Information for Board Members:

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As a homeowner, you have a big stake in the safety, cleanliness and overall quality of your neighborhood. How can you ensure that your community will be properly maintained and cared for? The best way is to get to know your Community Manager and participate in your homeowners association. Start to make a positive difference TODAY.

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Does your community association need professional management? The California Association of Community Managers (CACM) can help. Founded in 1991 by community managers for community managers, CACM is the only organization in California whose membership is comprised entirely of Community Managers and affiliate service providers.


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